Denver listings

We are glad you found us! 

  • Your zoning appears to meet duplex guildelines.

  • We expect the value of your property is $550K or more.

  • We would be interested in buying your lot.

  • We would be interested in developing your lot in partnership.


Selling Your Property

If you choose to go through us to sell when the market is high, you will avoid the high commission costs. You can sell your property within your own time frame and arrange to rent back long term until you find a new home. Thus, take advantage of our network of buyers in which you can sell direct to without hassles, repairs and best of all you'll get to keep the commission!

Building a Custom Duplex

Your lot is worth the most as a Duplex so let us help you weigh your options. Either by developing your lot for a personal custom Duplex or to create a return on your investment by selling. If choosing the latter and developing to then sell it would maximize the profit and allow for a revenue stream to create a dream home elsewhere. 

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